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avast, the most widely installed Antivirus solution.

avast Security Suite for Linux

Avast Security Suite

avast Security Suite for Linux


Combine all our Linux server products into a convenient, all-in-one solution.
Choose scanning mode.
Get a core scanner with a command-line utility for on-demand scanning, or integrate it with AMaViS to protect your email server.
64-bit x86? No problem.
Looking for protection that supports your 64-bit Linux server? Good news, you've just found it.

Key technology:

Combat the newest threats.
Our truly unique CommunityIQ brings 215 million devices together to provide you with the best possible protection in real time.
Speed up your workstations.
Protect files right on your server and save the precious power of your workstations for creative work.
SMB or NFS. Our Fanotify-based "on-write" shield protects your files efficiently both on Samba and NFS.
Ignite all the cores.
Performance has always been our forte. Multicore support allows your files to virtually fly around your network.

System Requirements:

Supported Systems
-CentOS 6 and newer
-Debian 7 and newer

Also works with
-Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
-Ubuntu LTS 12.4